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Due to ESS system BAXI gas heaters provide the highest level of gas and electricity saving.
Due to ASD system heater work’s probable errors are automatically revealed.
10X Security system provides 10-degree safety.
10X Security system provides 10-degree safety.
The liquid-crystal display shows clearly and exactly the heater current work giving the opportunity to get the necessary information in the most optimal way.
Flame-directing ionization sensor. Excludes gas outflow in case of the flame absence.
Security system preventing the pump blocking that turns on automatically every 24 hours.
Security system preventing the three-way valve blocking that turns on automatically every 24 hours.
Thermostat overheating safety device. It controls the heat carrier maximum permissible temperature.
Smoke removal sensor. It controls the burnt gases save removal.
The safety valve in the heating network is activated when the water pressure in the heating network diverges from 0.5-3 bar interval.
The antifreezing system for heating and home water supply that is activated when the temperature goes down below +5C. In that case the heater turns on automatically and heats the heat carrier to +30C preventing the freezing of hydraulic junctions and connections.
BAXI heaters due to the localization work stably even under 5 bar gas pressure.
Given temperature holding system that regulates automatically the necessary temperature of heating network and home water supply.


For more than 144 years the Italian BAXI company improving the contribution process of innovative systems and applying the latest achievements of modern technology presents its new advancements. Thus, future BAXI heaters have LCD digital display with ESS (Energy Saving Superefficient System ), ASD (Automatic Self-Diagnostic System) and 10X Security systems.
As the time changes, our demands also change too making our life more comfortable and perfect. That’s why the Italian BAXI company has designed future BAXI heaters in the era of modern technology. New digital display, new standards of effectiveness and perfect security.
It’s to be mentioned that the new digital panel with large liquid-crystal display and keyboard control makes the heater work’s check easier: clear and simple symbols show all the errors of the heater work. The history of the famous Italian BAXI company goes back to the early 1866s when Richard Baxendale founded Baxendale Company which further gave birth to the triumphal campaign of BAXI Company. The famous Italian BAXI company is one of the biggest and most professional companies in gas heaters production and in heating sphere. BAXI company has been engaged in production of heating and hot water supply machines for more than 50 years. Every year BAXI company produces more than 1 mln gas heaters and heating systems. The 75% of produced goods is exported to more than 70 countries.
Entering the BDR Thermea holding in 2009 BAXI company established its leadership in production and providing of heating and hot water supply innovative systems in the world. And today the Italian BAXI company, as a result of the modern technology use, offers the society its advancements running ahead of the time.